I havent been on birth control for over two years. The last day of my last period was around January 25th 2013. Usually my periods start between the 16th-20th of every month. I havent missed a period since ive been off birth control. I am having a ton of pregnancy symptoms. My appetite is larger than what it was about a month ago, i get headaches more frequently then what i have, my lower back has been aching for the past two days. I have only got sick once and really dizzy a couple of times, my belly is really bloated, i get occasional cramps, my breasts are very tender and my nipples get hard more than usual. I get really hot and have crazy mood swings. I always get very tired even if I dont do anything. The only thing throwing me off is that all the home pregnancy tests I have taken come back negative, is it too early to test? or what is going on with me?! Somebody please help, my parents will over react if I tell them now and I want to hold off on that until I know I am 100% pregnant