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Good day everyone,

I want to talk about foods for healthy living. The list is usually the same. You should eat pork, chicken breast, lamb, a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruits, you should drink only water and natural juices that you prepare at your home.

But, of course, the list always can be a little bit longer. So, anyone who are starting to follow some diet program, needs help.

Can you tell me what foods do you eat for healthy living?

Are the groceries the same, or you have some other to add?

Any information is good!

Thank you! 



The list always can be longer, that is the only true. It depends how creative you are, how much you want to research healthy foods. With groceries that you told us, you can’t go wrong. It is quite impossible, because they are really healthy, and I can say – ordinary!

If you love sugar in your food, coffee or some healthy cakes, you should cut white sugar. Instead, use natural sweeteners, such as stevia. Actually, those foods are for healthy and longer life as well.

So, I eat the same healthy food as you do.

But, I am sure that our friends from here have a longer list as well.



Hi, as you already know, plenty of fruits and vegetables, that are packed with fiber, nutrients – they are really low in the calories. People who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables also are healthy and protect against cardiovascular diseases. You should also eat a whole grains, grains like oats. It is always healthy to eat grains for your breakfast, you can’t make a mistake with it.

You should also know what to avoid – bakery stores are the greatest friends with cellulite, belly and weight. So, that is something that you should always avoid.

We all can eat healthy, just for some reason, we love to eat fast :)