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ok, when i here (see?) people write in this BB about having a quadricep to hamstring imbalance...does that mean the quad is being overpowered and the hamstring is too strong?

or can it be the hamstring is being overpowered and the quad is too strong?
i am a little confused.

i used to do squats of 135 pounds of 10 reps of 3-4 sets, my legs were always so sore i could not run for 3 days. so i stopped squatting. if i am having knee pain (and it stops a few hours after i run), does this mean my quads need to be made stronger? what/how should i do that doesnt interfere with my running?



Yes, you need to strengthen your quads. Squats are great and leg extensions. If you have access to a leg extension machine I suggest turning your toes slightly outward as it hits a specific muscle in the quad that is usually not as strong. I like to do 1 leg at a time.