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Hello. I'm 20, and since january 2012, i have been having a lot of pain and discomfort, with my female health cycle, and such.



Here are a list of my problems: 

  • Pain during intercourse (it's a deep pain, that often hurts a lot)
  •  Sometimes bleeding during intercourse (this has happened 2-3 times and has been embarrassing, but hasn't happened in 3-4 months)
  •  Searing pain that spikes up when I'm on my period. I get the pain in my spine, lower back to the sides, and also in my abdomen and pelvis, the specific area often varies and is quite random. This often knocks the breath out of me, and I have to sit down, but the pain won't let up for at least 10-30 minutes. 
  •  Really nasty cramps that stay with me during my period, and also start up a week or two later.
  •  Massively heavy periods. Over a 5 day period, i can use 30-50 pads, in the day time. I was given tranexamic acid for bleeding, and I am highly worried that if I am not on this, my periods are going to be severely worse. Also, I was put on Qlaira, because I bled for 20-40 days, then had a 3 day break then bled again, and this continued for four months. The periods then weren't as heavy, but for the length of time, i was getting really sick. Now, being on Qlaira, it seems to have condensed the period into one week.
  •  Sometimes i will get an upset stomach, but not often. Sometimes, I will have bowel problems, sometimes struggling to go, and sometimes going too often.




***Things I have been tested for.***

  •  I have had two speculum examinations, and they haven't found any problem there that I know of, or that they've mentioned as of yet.
  •  I have NO stds.- I have had thyroid tests, and they have come back okay.
  •  I am NOT pregnant.
  •  I have had a pelvic ultrasound, and a vaginal ultrasound, and they have found no polyps.
  •  I have had a laparoscopy, and they have found no endometrial tissue, or again, polyps.
  •  I do not have a UTI, though I did at christmas 2011, and one just before, also. But they were treated.
  •  I have had bacterial vaginosis, but it was treated, and my symptoms have still continued.



***Past history***

Periods started when i was 12.Was placed on cerazette for 4 years, (POP pill) (since 15), for birth control and period management.No irregularities in periods for cerazette. Had a period once every 3 months, which consisted of light spotting. My periods were fine until 2012, January. They then changed me to Qlaira in March to help regulate my peroids.


Never been pregnant, or had any problems that would affect my period.I have a doctors appointment shortly, reviewing my circumstances, as i had the operation on the 11th October. But the doctors at the hospital don't quite know what's happening. Does anyone here know? It's so much stress. I just want to know what's wrong. Not being able to have sex is often frustrating, and I'm worried that it will affect me later on, if i want children. I can't conceive because sex is so painful. The doctors said that they may never find a cause, but I just can't accept that.Does anyone have any idea?


Having had a laparoscopy, i have two scars, and they said they found no endometrial tissue. is it possible they looked in the wrong place?


Plus, recently, I've found out that within the first week of coming off my period, that is the easiest time for me to have sex. I do not get as many pains after, though they still linger.



Can anyone help me?


Sorry, i didnt realize this was posted in the wrong section, and i cant edit it. it's my first time here.