Hi Alex,

I’m from India. I read your blog many times and long time ago, I always amazed at level of clarity you given in this blog for relationships. Thanks can’t be enough but today I am writing you for asking your advice or your opinion on one such case given below.just to background, Me and my girlfriend were in relationship for last 6 years and things were always good. It was mostly Long distance in all this 6 years. We were talking as nicely as possible everyday. 2 weeks back suddenly i came to know she is married to some one and went on honeymoon. Once she come back I met her and asked about it,I got to know she married under some family pressure, In India, family pressure in some cases is really high and couples need to fight it out if they really want to be together. I was expecting same from her but she didn’t fight for me, may be for some reason she has impression that I’m not that serious about marriage though it was never the case and she loved me too much to face or confront that she took her marriage decision and she kept it from me for 7 months.

Now just after her marriage she is talking to me and wants to come back, Now in india once you married it’s very very tough to come out in terms of social stigma and social pressure and legal process too. She don’t have guts to fight it out from society though My constant assurance and support is there that I am standing with her at every step but she is not courageous enough to face their parents, husband, relatives.

I used to send and read your this blog with her. We used to match at certain points you mentioned above and don’t share same in others. Now my question is should i persue her or should i just let it go so that she can live in peace though I’m not sure whether she can live in peace even if I leave everything. needless to say it’s very tough for me to go a relation which i felt for life time. Looking for your opinion on this what should i do and how should i take this.

I will furnish more details about above case if you think I should.