HiiI am a 24 years old Gujarati non Brahmin guy. I had completed my graduation & joined our family business. But due to family problems (joint family problems) I left our family business & continuing my studies and I will settle at the age of 28. I met a girl 2 years before & we are in love since then. She is 22 years old ORIYA BRAHMIN girl. Right now she is in final year of her graduation. Her father & mother expired in an accident 2 years before. She has 1 elder brother & though they are also in a joint family, her uncle was taking care of them.All the things are going well. One day a marriage proposal comes to her uncle, the boy was Oriya Brahmin having good govt. service & the boy & the girl were friends from last 5 years. The boy loves the girl but girl didnt. After hearing this girl told all the things to that boy & rejected him.Then after few days all of a sudden her uncle fixed her marriage with an another guy. Then we told about our love to our respective families. My family agrees for marriage but the girls uncle did not agree at all for the marriage because I am not a Brahmin. He blackmailed the girl, gave mental pressure to marry in the same cast. He told the girl if u does not marry in same caste then I will commit suicide. Then I told the girl in this case we have no choice, you have to marry in the same caste & the girl also understood the problem.After that the girl told her uncle okay I will marry in same cast but I am not marry to this boy. I will marry to previous boy because we are friends & we both are known to each other. Her uncle says ok & they married each other in June 2013. Actually her uncle was also not happy from the marriage because the girl was not happy but her uncle cannot permit the girl to marry me & her uncle could not attend the marriage also.But after the marriage all the things are same. We both love each other, & cant live without each other.The girl told the boy for divorce & the boy is also ready for divorce.But we planed that we will marry each other only after my study which takes 3 years to me. The girl also continues her further study staying in a hostel because after divorce perhaps her uncle could not accept her. We have no financial issues. I told all such things to my family, though I am only the son they neither support me nor oppose me .I am sure that I will settle in 3-4 years. And the most important thing we cannot live without each other.So in this case what to do ?We both want to marry each other but how ? 



sirso i am not understand what to do ??one side there is our life & on the otherside her husband & his famlily.........so i can't understand what would be our step ???



I want to know that what is the right decision for us?I have following 2 situation ,which one should I select…1- The girl will give divorce to her husband & marry me because we still love each other & want to marry each other.2- Should I forget the girl because by any reason she is married now.