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I get really nauseated and dizzy and lite headed but I never vomit. I have a lot of gas and constant heart burn. I haven't had my cycle since the end of January/beginning of February but I've always been irregular. I have taken at home test and they have all been negative. I also watch my blood sugar level because my family has a diabetic history. Is there anything else I should be checking for?


Hi Guest,

See your doctor, or an ob/gyn.

It's one thing to be irregular.  It's another to not have had a period in about 6 months.  I'm not saying you're pregnant, but you DO need to find out why you aren't having your period.

Expect some blood to be drawn for labs.  I'd be curious to see if you were anemic. 

What is your blood pressure? 

Again, you need to see a doctor - NOW. 

Good luck.