This is the first time I've ever missed my period like ever! I'm 29 days late on my period I'll be 30 days late tomorrow if someone sees this tomorrow. I got my period November 2nd through the 5th my cycles are 28 days by the way. So I track my periods my calendar said my next period was supposed to be November 29th or 30th well it never came at all. I did have unprotected sex November 29th he busted before we did anything and didn't wipe off before he had put it in. So my calendar on my period app said my next period was supposed to be December 26th or 28th well I haven't gotten it yet for either dates. Well Friday I had sex unprotected and right after I started to bleed well I thought it was my period but the next morning when I took my protector out there was no blood on it whatsoever it was white. So I need help ladies could it be pregnancy? The reason why I'm asking is because I've smelled three different strange things in the past weeks and there be nothing there. I've went to the bathroom a lot and I sleep like way to much and there is days where I'll get nauseous but nothing overwhelming.