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I had one very tiny white bumb on my scrotum and I'm not exactly sure what it is. I've had it for awhile now (months) and it still hasn't gone away. I was scratching it yesterday when it started to burn, today it still burns and I looked and seen a red area around it. It's been worrying my for awhile now and I would greatly appreciate to know what it is and how I can cure it. Im only 14, and I've never had sex.

Thanks please clear this from my mind so I can get on with my life =(.


This was just a pimple or a sebaceous cyst but when you scratched it, you probably made some cuts in the skin and allowed skin bacteria to enter these cysts and make a mess.
They infected the area, and the pimple/cyst became red, swollen and painful.

Since I don’t know what it really is, a cyst, or an ingrown hair, it would be best if you had it looked by a dermatologist since it hasn’t gone in a few months now. You may need an antibiotic to get rid of it.

It is probably a sebaceous cyst, a skin (pimple-like) formation that is normal and regular on scrotums but not so pleasant when it gets infected as it may form an abscess.

You may even try applying Benzoyl peroxide and see if something changes but I would definitely see a doc!