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I have a bump on my scrotum that started out like a bump with a black dot in the middle and now has a yellow tint to it, can it be genital herpes even though i have never had sex?


Well, it couldn’t be genital herpes if you haven’t had sex but it could if you have made out without your cloths or in the boxers (pants…whatever you are wearing) and if there were any skin to skin contact (in the genitals).

Herpes is a virus and can be transmitted through skin to skin contact.

Your bump doesn’t sound like herpes, it sounds like an ordinary pimple or a sebaceous cycts. If the white stuff is hard and it can’t go out or it is hard, then it is probably a sebaceous cyst, which is considered to be a normal skin variant on places where there are many oil glands under the skin (like penis, scrotum, vaginal labia, etc). You may even develop more and if you do, they have come to stay. They are perfectly harmless but if you keep picking and squeezing, they could develop into these painful red blisters.
An ordinary pimple would be easy to squeeze but not all the time. If it were a pimple, it would go away within two weeks withput you squeezing and touching.

So, I would suggest you left the bump alone and if it doesn’t change or subside, then it is sebaceous cyst and there to stay, if it goes away---good for you then.