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i have a small oval spot at the bottom (opposite to japseye) of my penis. i have never participated in any form of sexual act, so have dismissed it being an STI but am worried it may be another infection or other problem. i have had it for about a week and it has shown no sign of reducing in size.


If the spot is red and raised, it is probably just an ingrown hair or an ordinary pimple or even inflamed sebaceous cysts. Sebaceous cysts are normal formation on skin that most commonly occur in areas where there are a lot of oily glands and hairs like scrotums, penis or female labia. They are very similar to pimples but harder to squeeze if not impossible. They usually don’t cause any symptoms but if they get inflamed from constant picking, they could turn into red and painful pumps.

Ingrown hairs and pimples are also very common in this area because of lack of air in the area and sweat. Pimples take two weeks to disappear but ingrown hairs may persist.

I wouldn’t touch this if I were you. Wait and see if anything happens. If it persists, you may decide to see a doctor and have it checked.