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hi, about 5 days ago i realized i have a white coating on my tongue. i also noticed that its hard for me to taste anything, almost as if it feels dead. i believe it started when i had something spicy, could this be the reason? i also read that it could be dehydration. im not sure. any imput? thanks.


According to my reserach it might be thrush or an infection. the most common causse, whichi is caused by fungus, This can be caused by antibiotics or steroids. It can simply be the buildup of dead cells on the tongue. It can also be caused by dehydrations so drink plenty of water for a week or two and if does not go away see a doctor.

Glycerin can also help

Avoid soy milk

Buy yourselve a tongue scraper but do not scrape too hard

Try brushing the tongue wtth a mixture of baking soday, 3 person hydrongen pyroxide, and water. Don't it too long as you may make your tongue raw.
Hope this helps