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My English is quite bad so i will try to explain right. Sometimes, for example when i masturbate, a few drops (1-2) of whitish watery liquid come out from my penis. The liquid has a chlorine smell (don't know what "foul" means, i've seen the word before). I have this discharge for a long time - years - before i got sexually active. It comes before pre-cum and it is watery, not "slippery" like precum. When ejaculated, the semen also has a chlorine smell. I do not have any other problems. Just this. No pain, no burning sensation, no other color in discharge, nothing. I have noticed that it does not happen always, but i could not find a connection. I forgot to mention - the discharge only comes when in sexual stimulation - physical - not when being aroused. I can have an errection without it. It appears only during sex or masturbation, and not all the time.


good day. nice from you that you decided to come here, so we will try to help you and all other boys who are having similar issues. I don't believe that you are dealing with some STD, even if the white penile discharge is usually a sign of it. Since you were not sexually active during this time, STD is not an option. anyway, that doesn't mean that you should avoid your doctors. You shouldn't since your diagnose can be urinary tract infection and trust me, it is not that harmless as you might think. Just one of the potential issues is those that urinary tract problems, such as narrowing, kidney stones, or not being able to empty your bladder completely. So, hurry up!