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Ok so I have these white patches on the skin of my penis and I think it's because I masturbate dry. Typically when I masturbate, there is irritation to the point Where it hurts and it all started when I was masturbating a lot and dry. I pretty sure it's not that disease called vitiligo or a penile fungus infection. The patches are mostly where the penis connects with the testicles and a little further up. Please note that they're not on the penis head but rather where your hand would go when masturbating. How can this be gotten rid of? It's very embarrassing.


Dry masturbation is not usually a good idea (especially if your masturbation session lasts more than a few minutes).  The irritation you describe is common on the penis, both because the penis skin itself tends to be thin and because the crotch is a warm, moist environment that makes it easy for bacteria to breed and for skin irritants to multiply. Try regularly using a high quality penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). The best ones contain both vitamin E and a high end emollient like shea butter.  Good luck!