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Who are parkinson's disease specialists? I would like to give my mother all the best there is to ensure that parkinson's disease will not devastate her. Is surgery possible? How come there is no cure? How much time does she have? I guess this last question is worrying me the most. Even though the doctors already told me the estimated time, I would still like to hear this from someone else.


I suppose that we all want nothing but the best for our loved ones when they are in trouble. As for specialists. I am certain that your doctor can help with you with several names, perhaps your mother was already pointed in that direction. Surgery is possible, but only if all other ways are not working. There is no cure. As for time, I guess it depends on the progress of the disease. My father lived for 13 years, he died at the age of 65.


Parkinsons is as you well know is difficult to control. At present control is the only practical action you can take there being no cure .#

I have had PD for 14 years and am still quite active although I admit there are day and days on which I can do little.
I take 14 tablets each plus pain killers.
The most difficult thing is that the medicate administered is of the correct combination .
my mredication is Madopar 125 3 times per day
Madopar CR One at bedtime
Comtess 3 times per day
merepixen 3 times per day
Symmetrel 2 per day.
At beat I suuffer some involuntary movement in my legs but otherwise I can carry out most tasks.
At worst I suffer severe leg pains and my feet stick to the flor making walking nearly impossible .
It is difficult to understand why my condition varys so much but am thankful that I can function at all.

I think one needs to accept that they have PD and just get on with living as active a life as is piossible.

Depression is your greatest enemy .
A smile and laughter is you best friends



Hi debora,

Parkinson's specialists are neurologists who specialize in movement disorders. Not all neurologists are movement specialists, so always ask before you make an appointment.

Bless you and good luck!!