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why do i have a fear of needles? i`m at risk of diabetes ll and it causes me to get my blood checked very often and needles scary me half to death but penatration of the skin isn`t scary for me consisting i have a cat that sticks my arm or hand so why do i have this problem? is it a phobea?



the fear of needles is actually officially recognized as phobia and it affects pretty big number of people - some are affected to the point where they'll refuse necessary medical treatment or even won't see a doctor in the first place. But, the thing is, most of us don't feel comfortable at all in situations when blood needs to be taken, or when you have to get an injection. It's a common reaction, not only because medical needles are associated with you feeling sick, or fearing to become sick, but also there is a theory that this is caused by human genetics, since the fear of sharp objects has in past been very real cause of injury and death. It helps to tell the nurse or the technician who is taking the blood about the fear you have, they can help you relax.