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I have to go to the bathroom ALL the time. If I go out, that's the first place I go. If I'm at work and I hear someone go in the bathroom, I immediately have to go, fearing I may wet my pants! Sometimes I can barely make it to work, just a short 10 minute drive. I've been told OAB, took Ditropan and VesiCare, did not work. I've been told anxiety, took Lexapro, nothing worked. I'm in constant fear that I will have to go to the bathroom and it'll be too far and that I won't make it. My heart races, I get hot, literally start freaking out. What to do???



Since you already have been to the doctors’ and ruled out overactive bladder syndrome, your problem sounds to me like it is more related to the whole psychological issue that formed phobia, combining fear of not being able to make it in time to bathroom, anxiety and panic.

What you described happening: an attack triggered even by hearing someone go to the bathroom, is more of a sign of an anxiety or panic attack and medication such is Lexapro might not be the right one for addressing phobia-related issues. You definitely would benefit more from seeing a specialist who deals with panic attacks and/or phobias, than any medication alone, even though some form of medication still might be necessary.