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I have huge tonsils and i think they may be the contributing factor to why i sleep poorly and have ADHD,however, i havnt even spoken with my doctor about this yet due to my severe fear of needles.

 im fine with pain, i frequently choose pain over facing my fear of needles. sitting through cavity filings without a local is completly fine with me, just get that needle out of the room.

what i want to know is if there are any needles involved in this procedure while the patient is awake.

 im not too keen on the idea of an iv either. not at all. i could barley speak to my dieng grandfather when he was in the hospital because he had so many iv's and it just freaked me out. nothing should course through veins except for blood.

i dont want to really even consider having this procedure done if it involves having to have another embarrasing episode. i get so frightened of the needles that i either try to flee or i feint, and its really not something im proud of. 


If you do not like surgery,then there is a self cure method that i personally know will work.
Get the x-ray done to show the state of your tonsils.
Next ask your wife or friend to tell you if you snore when you sleep.
If so,then,you need to follow the doctor's advice.
If not,then,you do not have sleep apnea   and here is the good news.
If you have patience and determination,you can try the chinese standing exercise and you must do it one hour daily for 30 days.
Read up on the exercise and it sure worked well for my friend.
Good luck.