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I am a 13 year old girl who has nightmares about being pregnant. (I AM NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE) I have had several nightmares that include me being pregnant with some boy's child, to being pregnant without even having sex! I constantly think about it. I have always said that I do not want children and have always found them to be slightly repulsive. (I mean no offence to anyone by saying that..) but within the last few months I have found every child I see to be -cute as can be-. I know the sudden change in opinion about children isn't me just hitting puberty, because that happened years ago..I was an early bloomer, and my body is almost fully developed, or so it seems
(MANY people mistake me to be 16 years old, or older, instead of 13) I have always been terrified of the thought of a child growing inside me, of giving birth, of the stretching, the tearing...everything about pregnacy. I am still afraid, and fear that I always will be. Do I have a phobia? Is this normal for someone who does not have sex (as to say, is this normal for someone who does not have a "guilty conscious" or a risk of being pregnant by having sex) to feel this afraid of it? I also find that it might be worthy to mention that I have Wilson's Disease, or a disease that prevents copper from leaving the body. This disease gives me a great probability of having multiple miscarraiges, and having trouble concieving. I am TERRIFIED of having a miscarraige. Having said all of this, I hope you are able to realize my situation. Please help me. I am very desperate for answers. ! :-(


If you are a virgin and not having any sex then you are not pregnant.

Getting pubic hairs and developing boobs is not the same as emotional maturity. Puberty is the body changing - pubes and boobs. At your age absolutely hating the idea of getting pregnant seems normal. I was told this by another girl who was deathly afraid of having kids - because of the body changes, etc. Later she learned that kids were OK, she just wasn't ready for them. Much later she was willing to consider kids of her own. Eventually she became a mom and loves kids. This didn't happen at 16, 18 & 21. It took a long time for that opinion to change.

Dreams are your imagination playing out. You are not ready for motherhood but you are going in that direction. So your mind is just trying to find a good place for you to hang out until you are ready to grow a little more in that direction. Some women never do and can't stand kids. Others can't get enough. You will eventually find your place which will make you happy.

Miscarriages are a possibility. Average 1 of 5 pregnancies end with a miscarriage. Thats with normal couples and no issues. So when the time comes for you to decide you want children, find a good OBGYN doctor. Let them know your history and medical issues. They will give you the status of medicine at that time. Years from now that disease may be treatable with some meds.

Main thing is don't worry about something that can't effect you. If you are not having sex, then relax about the pregnancy issue. Added stress won't help you and is getting into your dream life. When you do decide to become sexually active - carefully decide when- then talk to your doctor. Until then enjoy being a teenager and have fun.