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About two years ago I was pregnant and at 26 weeks my son was born via emergency C-section. Due to him being 14 weeks and complications, I had to make the decision to take off life support. He lived to be 4 days old. After the death of my son, me and my current fiancée want to start a family but I am petrified that the same thing will happen. I am not sure if I can bare another death....especially another child. How can I overcome this fear of mine? I am truly afraid that either I will have a miscarriage or I will have to bury another child.


Hello Nicole

I am so sorry to hear about the dead of your first child. I fully understand the fear you are having.

However on a positive note, fear can be overcome with the right treatment. You cannot live the rest of your life with this kind of fear. You need to get your life back.

I would suggest you visit a homeopath you can certainly help you over come this fear.

I, too underwent anxiety attacks and I was cured using homeopathy. My story is in my website:, if you would like to read about it. Anxiety is not a nice feeling to have and I am personally so much happier now!

I wish you all the best and hope you overcome your problem soon.