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Hello. I am a girl 17 years old and I don't really understand the vegetarians. Could you possibly explain why a person would like not to eat meat when meat is so tasty and (sometimes) healthy. It has a lot of proteins which is important for development. Agtain, why should I, or anybody else for that matter switch to vegan food?


When I was little, I went to a farm of my grandmother and grandfather. There was a lot of animals, and I was having fun playing with them. One day, my grandfather slashed the neck of one chicken which we ate later in the day. It was so horrible, that that picture stayed in my memory since. I switched to vegan food, because I don't want to hurt someone, just so I can eat. Besides, there is a lot of vegan food that contains a lot of proteins.


I am a 16 year old, female, and have been vegan (sometimes vegetarian since we can't afford to be vegan all the time) since October 1st of last year (2011) and I'll explain to you why people decide to eat this way.

No one is saying that you should, it's clearly a choice for every person to make.

People decide to stop eating meat because some people look at animals more than just food. Creatures that feel the same emotions as we do, though they don't have the ability to speak the human language(s), like we can. Whether you are vegan or not, it is a fact that animals can feel pain, fear, and pleasure, and many other emotions probably, just like we do. People decide to go vegan/vegetarian because they don't want to kill another living creature that also has the ability to feel love and fear like we do. Yes it might be tasty (believe me, I remember how tasty it was still) but the fact of the matter is, it boils down to the fact that you are in fact, eating a dead body of what used to be a living animal that was able to feel the same emotions, such as fear, as it was being killed.

Another reason why people will not eat meat is also because the way the animals are treated before they are killed. The slaughter houses do in fact abuse them and etc. (You can find documentaries, by Mercy For Animals that went actually behind the scenes of slaughter houses and got hidden camera footage of it all.) Many people feel that since these animals do not have a voice, they will be the voice for that animal and not eat them, as a sign that those animals in fact are living creatures and feel fear when being killed.

Another reason can also be based on the soul fact that it is scientifically proven that it is healthier to go on a vegan based diet, though you have to take multivitamins and maybe vitamin D. (I take multivitamins and vitamin D, though meat eaters also take vitamins anyway, so either way taking vitamins isn't that big of a deal) Venus Williams recently or so, went vegan because of her health and since she went vegan, said that it really has helped her health. (Look it up, I am telling the truth) And many other people in the public media do support being vegan/vegetarian.

Basically, for whether it is for your health or for the animals health, it is each and every persons choice as to whether they want to be vegan/vegetarian or not. And that is why people switch to vegan food, because it is either for their own health, the animals' health, or both.

"My body will not be a tomb for other creatures."
-Leonardo De Vinci (That also can be another reason why people don't eat meat)