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What are the main differences between these two?

Ive been planing on switching to be a vegetarian but my friend told me being a vegan is even better. What do you think i should do? Does it really pay to switch to vegan or vegetarian? And if it does what is so special about them. Are they healthier ? Thaaanksss


I've been vegetarian for a year now, and am in transition to becoming a full vegan. Basically a vegetarian eats no meat, chicken, beef, fish, etc. Most accept dairy and eggs as part of a vegetarian diet ( I don't eat eggs and limited dairy as I'm working towards not eating them at all) Vegan is much more strict. This is when you eat/use no animal products. This means no meat, dairy, eggs, honey, wear no leather, fur, or use any products made of gelatin, bees wax, the list really goes on. 
My advice to you is to go vegetarian first. Its hard enough for me who's been at it for a year to go vegan, I couldn't imagine going vegan from a regular diet.