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:-D im a vegetarian and i sometimes have a hard time cooking/spicing things for my meat eating husband any tips?


Hi GuEst_08,

I understand the dillema you're in cause I'm vegan and my husband eats meat and everything else.  It's very difficult for me to even look at meat much less prepare it.  So, I don't even have any ideas as to what to do to spice up his life with tasty meat so I need some help.  My husband doesn't cook and hasn't got a clue either.  So, what's the best plan of attack.  

If you're husband like steak, you might try marinading it with Italian dressing (oil and vinegar and garlic).  This makes the meat very tasty and tender whether you broil it or put it on the grill.  Pork or pork chops can be done in the same way.  You can push small pieces of garlic cloves into a pork roast and then roll the roast in herbs like oregano and some salt to give it a nice coating.  Once baked this is very flavorful.  Meatloaf is a favorite and it can be spiced up with onion bits, parsley and ketchup.  Some people have actually used small amounts of stove top stuffing as the bread source and that comes out great too.  Try these and any variation on theme you can think of.  I think you husband will like them.