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I am curious to know why other choose to be vegetarian, Some for Ethical Reasons. They feel that relinqushed responsiblity of harm to animals, thus they have seen the mistreatment of animals in our food supply and want no part of it. Yet their are some that choose to be vegetarians for the sake that "they feel better" no being a meat-eater. I have met one who affirmed this reason. Yet another who becomes sick on the consumption of meats. Has anyone thought about what the animal ate that may be the culprit to not feeling very good physicolgy after consumning it. Could itnot be the meat at all but how it si raised.


Vegetable are good for you. Let us use sinusitis as an example. If you suffer from sinusitis you have to cut down on proteins and dairy products and all of those things because they increase the production of mucus at the back of the sinuses. Then you get Rastafarians, they do not eat meat at all because it is the way they have been brought up and it is their tradition to do so. Many people do not eat pork, religiously because it is believed to be a dirty animal that eats everything. I have a friend(is Jewish) who only eats meat that does not have blood(Kosher), seeing that, that kind of meat is not really available he is mainly vegetarian. Then the other day there was a vegetarian woman who said that eating animals is a good as slathering a human being, cooking them and then eating them. So may point is that there are so many reasons why people choose to be vegetarians. Some are medical and others are by choice.