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I have been sexually active for years now and have been with the same partner for about 4 years. The past two times I have had intercourse my vagina has been very tight. We use lubercation and try oral stimulation, but it's still very painful. I have never experienced this before not even my first time. I haven't changed how often I have intercourse either. I don't understand Why the sudden change?


Hello Im 25 me and my gf have been together for almost 2 years ! we broke up 7 months in those 2 years since we met each others we are crazy about sex we both were not virgins before meeting up ! but since day one she was the first and the only one I have sex with her 7 times in a row for hours and not getting bored that didnt end the same night we are up to 3 to 4 times daily till today !!! even after we broke up and everyone had other parteners once we saw each others it came like crazy ! we are just on top of each others

my question is ! is it dangerous for us having too much sex ! everyday !!! for such long periods !?!?!?! is ıt ok having sex 3 to 4 times daily else than the foreplay and the foreplay orgasims !?!