A new study on melanomas confirms what dermatologists have known for a long time: If you ever had one melanoma, the chances are high to get the second one and even the third one. If you have a family history with the disease or abnormal moles, then your chances are even greater.

Each year around 60,000 people in USA are diagnosed with melanoma and almost 8,000 die from this disease. However, if melanoma is spotted in time, it is curable.

The best advice for those who already had melanoma is to have regular check ups at the dermatologist, look at their own skin once a month and avoid excessive sun exposure.

For those with high risks and the rest of the population, avoiding sun at critical times of the day would be the best advice, as well as checking the skin on your own. A lot of melanoma is due to too much sun exposure. Even if you are exposing yourself to sun, do it in the mornings and late afternoons and use strong sunscreens.