Doctors are advising young people not to put themselves at risk of developing skin cancer through tanning which is found to be very unsafe.
Skin cancer and melanoma are types of disease that can affect everyone and young people are not immune to it as they may think. Sun exposure represents great health risk and young people simply think that skin cancer is something that can happened only to older people. Australia is the leading country by number of skin cancer cases and it was discovered that melanoma is the most common type of cancer that affects people between 15 and 39 years of age.

Doctors say that there’s no such thing as safe tanning. Skin cancer affects people no matter what age and what type of skin they have. They strongly advise people to be cautious before exposing themselves to sun. Some things that can protect people from negative impact of sun are sunscreen that should be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure, wearing clothes that covers as much skin as possible, hats and sunglasses are necessary for protecting face, head, neck, ears and eyes from glare. It’s also very important to seek shade whenever it’s possible.