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I was wondering if anyone else had any similar problems and/or know what could be possibly causing this? I noticed two small black lines on my nails about two weeks ago and thought it was splinters, but that turned out to be a bust. Google has been leading me to believe it could be something serious such as melanoma but my parents think I'm overreacting.

The link to the picture is above. Thank you!


Hi emilyanne,

I was diagnosed with melanoma so i think i can somewhat answer your doubts. I could give you a better answer if you give me more information about yourself like :

  • What is your skin type (light, medium, dark)
  • What is your eye and hair color?
  • Do you have a lot of moles? Your back, or legs maybe?
  • How old are you?
  • Has anyone in your close family been diagnosed or has died of cancer?
  • Do you have any other suspicious changes on other nails? (on your feet maybe?)

Hope to hear from you soon.



Thank you for replying!

I'm very fair (normally most foundations are too dark, Irish) with natural dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I'm 18. I've had a mole on the back of my neck since I was little but that's about it. As far as I know, I think the only family member with cancer was my grandmother but I'm unsure of what type, I think it was stomach. No other changes except for the nail. It actually grew a little and I cut the nail, and some of it disappeared while there's still a little mark from what wasn't cut.


No problem.

I see, Based on your description i think the chance that you have melanoma is really slim. So , i would not worry if i were you. It's always good to track changes on your body, because early detection is the best and the most successful way of avoiding skin cancer progression.,

Another thing. The pic of your nail really tells me that there is no way that is a ALM or Subungual Melanoma because in either way , the black marking usually start at the base of the nail. And in your case this is at the end of the nail. It is probably a trauma, maybe you hit yourself or pushed it harder.

Nevertheless, i think its a good thing you were searching for more info about it came here to ask the question.

So, do not worry. Just keep an eye on it, because the change is the key. If it goes away, then you are fine. I am sure it will go away. Give it some time, but monitor it and don't stress to much about it :D

Hope this helps!



I have a very similar problem and i thought i would come to you if you knew what it was hope my description helps.

Skin tone: medium (asian)
Eye: brown
Hair: Black but seems to be brownish at tips
Moles: One on neck and one near eye not big smaller than a pen point
Age: 13 (female)
Family: None that I know of had cancer
Description of nail: Starts from base to tip appears so far on the index finger (left hand)
Middle finger and thumb (left hand)
it's very faint not dark! The line doesn't seem like it's on the cuticle or under the nail. Seems like I drew a line with a black sharpie marker then erased it but still leaving behind a mark of the line.

I'm worried about my nails I have been researching a lot about them lately the lines are vertical and start from the base of the nail to the tip. (Pictures included) I have been having mixed thoughts about my nails because it could of been an injury because I was playing basketball at school and than I have no idea how but my middle finger started bleeding underneath the nail ever since that day I haven't seen my nails back to normal. Also I think it's something else because it is appearing on more of my nails. Looking at your last response to emilyanne i think that i might have a chance or maybe be diagnosed with Melanoma since it does start from the base to the tip.

I hope to hear from you thanks :)


Hi Kayleebeth,

You certainly are atypical for a melanoma, i mean due to your age, number of moles, and hair type.

How long ago did you notice these lines?

You said (pictures included) but there are no pictures. So if you could just upload them somewhere and paste the link here that would be great.


I'm not sure if it's a mole or beauty mark it's black and i had it since birth they are so tiny
The lines on my nails I had them since grade 7 i noticed them in grade 7

Ok pictures included here


I have the same exact line like you do on my right thumb. I was also afraid that it could a subungual or ALM melanoma so i did a dermatoscopy. The Dr took a phew high resolution photos of it and said that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

You should definitely keep your eyes open on changes, but for now you are ok. It is probably because of some injury, or lack of a vitamin or something. Nothing serious.

Hope this helps.


Thank you sooo much I appreciate the feedback. I think it's the lack of zinc because every doctor and my teacher told me so yea. I am the same person from that huge paragraph ^^ btw you said i was a melanoma typical now you are saying no so im confused? i have that line on my thumb and index finger also the pic was only my middle finger it is now appearing with another finger


Hi Kaylee,

No, i said you are Atypical , not typical. Which means that the risk of you developing melanoma is really low.

Yeah, lack of zinc sounds reasonable. Like i said, I had the exact same line on my thumb. Now it kind of faded away, but I can still see it. Three of my doctors said it's nothing to worry about. One is a plastic surgeon, second one is a Dermatologist and the third one is Oncologist. So they definitely eased my mind :).

All in all, you should definitely keep track of changes on your body. Especially moles. Make sure you check your skin at least once in 6 months. That way you can prevent the development of any lethal skin disease like melanoma. If spotted early you have a 99 % chance to completely cure it.

Have a nice day.


Hi kayleebeth. any news regarding your lines? I have one grey line almost in the middle of my middle finger and another line'/ridge much fainter is forming next to it. i have a similar grey line on the fourth finger (thinner), and on the fifth (even thinner/ barely visible). I have dermatology app tomorrow. Already been to another dermatologist but still... obsesively looking at the fingernail line constantly and taking pics and always worried. If this dermatologist is not confident it's not cancer, i wil ask for biopsy probably. WORRIED


Hi abraxas881,

Can you upload the pic and send me the link so i can take a look at it?

3 months ago i had a similar situation, but it wasn't line it was like a dark patch. And dermatologists couldn't be sure if it was melanoma or something, especially because i have a history of it.

Does anyone in your family have a melanoma? What is your skin color? How old are you?

As for the biopsy. I would not recommend it. I mean, if dermatologists say it's nothing, then don't do it. Biopsy (needle through nail) is not accurate at all when it comes to subungual melanoma.

I don't want to scare you or anything but have in mind that if you decide to have a biopsy they will probably have to remove your whole nail, and amputate the top of that finger (just the top where the nail is). That's what they did to me on my middle finger on my right foot.