The number of women choosing to deliver by caesarean section has doubled for the past 20 years and is constantly increasing but health expert warn that women should think twice about the risks before choosing caesarean.

A new research showed that the first-time mothers who give birth by caesarean face a greater risk of complications if they choose to deliver naturally in subsequent pregnancies. The women who undergo caesarean section are more vulnerable to scarring that can cause uterine ruptures during birth, post-partum bleeding and infections.
In the report, from approximately 25,000 women who had a primary caesarean, around 10,7oo had a labour in their second birth. Although rupture of the uterus during labour was rare, affecting only 20 women during the period, it was still 12 times as likely among those with a previous caesarean.

However, there were some benefits from caesarian section like lower risk of hemorrhage and intensive care admissions.