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Okay, so this is how it goes.

I've been regular on a thirty day cycle for the past few months, but I'm wondering why I don't have my period up until now.
I was expecting it to come on the 2th of december to the 4th, but it didn't come. But I had pms-like symptoms around those days.
I'm worried really worried about this, although my mom said that sometimes, it's just like that.
I haven't had sex with anyone, and I'm still a virgin.
The closest thing to a naughty action I've done was having my boyfriend play with my clitoris, and I let him pleasure me first before I play with his. So I don't think I could be pregnant.

Though, to be safe, I took a test last wednesday, and it came out negative.

Am I just stressed? I have a lot of things going on at school right now, and this thing concerning my period is making me all the more worried.



Stress can delay your period.