for the last couple of months i've been feeling sick a week or two before my period. i figure it's kind of normal because i thought i had ibs
i also usually feel pretty sick on the first day of my period ever since i got it when i was 12 pretty much
i've had my period for almost 5 years now and i've had, what i thought was ibs, since about february this year
at first it made me feel sick and not want to eat because pf it and i stopped having milk because i though it made things worse
i had a couple of times before that even when i felt sick and didnt want to eat, i know that at least one of those times happened on the first day of my period
since february, this became a constant thing and i lived practically on buns, pasta and rice (all plain) and my stomach made loud sounds for no particular reason all the time
over the past few months, it's gotten worse and i started getting diarrea. i got it once and had to go to the bathroom twice and felt very sick until i went to the bathroom. i'm not sure if that was tied with my period. the second time, i had been severely stressed the night before it happened. however, i've had stress episodes since then and nothing happened. again i cant remember if it was tied with my period
the 3rd time i got it, it was minor and was tied with my period, on the first day again i think
last month, i got diarrea on the first day of my period again and felt very sick
this month, the same thing happened. usually i have to go to the bathroom once and feel better afterwards, but i didn't feel better this time
sometimes i get cramps, nausea, and pain in th lower abdomin about wgere my pelvis is throughout the month
i went to the doctor not long after it started and suggested it might have something to do with my period and i said i think it did. he gave me pills to take for when i feel like i'm about to throw up (i haven't vommitted before, even if i didn't take the pills)
can someone please tell me whether its ibs or not? and what i can do to make it better? and if its going to get worse?
i don't usually get these attacks after eating greasy food and i drink about 1L of water most days and pee only two or three times (i'm not sure if thats a little or not). i've never had sex or been on the pill and i'm almost 17. i'm about 160cm but about 46-48kg most of the time
thanks for taking the time to read