I think I may be pregnant, here is what's been happening. Since Wednesday, I've noticed my nipples were getting sensitive. Seems like each day that goes by, they get worse. My boyfriend and I have had sex a few times without pulling out this month. My last period was on 1/23. My cycles are usually 23-24 days long. I am expecting my period on the 16th of this month.
As far as other pregnancy like symptoms, I don't have many. Every so often, I'll feel a little sick to my stomach but I haven't vomited yet. I seem to be a little more irritable lately. My face broke out about a week ago, more than it has since I was in high school (I'm 23 now). I just started a new job that has me bending a bit so I'm contributing that to my lower back pain. I do have a pretty bad headache now.
Also, I've noticed I'm cleaning more and waking up a LOT earlier, but I don't think those are pregnancy related.
I want to add that Thursday I got a yeast infection and I have never had other then when taking strong antibiotics, isn't that another symptom? I treated it that night but today I'm noticing some very light pink spots when I wipe. Nothing like when I start my period, just a little touch of pink and then it'll be gone the next time I wipe.

What is your opinion, does it sound like AF or am I going to be a mommy?