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Hey everyone! So my girlfriend and I just decided to have sex a week ago (we were both virgins) and we keep on freaking our selves out that she is pregnant.
We're both 17, I used a spermicidal condom and I pulled out.



If you are sure that condom didn't break and if you are sure that you finished after you pulled your penis out, then you should really not be scared. Does she have any symptoms that might indicate to teen pregnancy? Look, because you young people are not educated at all about this issue, that is why a lot of us call teen pregnancy "sickness of 21st century"! 

Do you even have a clue how many young girls got pregnant because they didn't know almost anything about protection?

How many kids were parents?

How many kids needed to interrupt their education because they were pregnant?

Better do some research on how to protect yourselves from pregnancy...