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I think i may just be paranoid. But would love help! I am 19 and i think i have ayeast infection. i have most of the symptoms, greenish yellow discharge once or twice, burning, itching, a little red dots. i have had it for a few day now. The last time i had my period was on Dec. 28th around there and i usually get them 5-6 days regularly. I havent yet have it today is the 20th of january. When i was with my ex bf we were doing stuff on January 10th but we didnt have sex. We both had clothes off and we were close to eachother but he never actually was "in" me. so it cant be that im it just a conicidence and the yeast infection caused my missed period or late period? I HOPE SO!
Also, if you go to the doctor and they say you have a yeast infection can they tell what its from like from sexual activity or they wont be able to tell what it is from? I havent had symptoms of pregancy, is it to early for symptoms? I was with him on the 10th and its now the 20th
I had my period like a week or two before we were together

It would really be helpful for any suggestions or help! THANKS!
I heard monistat is good for the yeast that true?


Um that is def not symptoms of a yeast infection. More likely an STD. Please seek immediate medical attention!