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I had a yeast infection a few months ago that I wasn't aware of until it got really bad - I went to the doctor and got prescribed medication that I was on for a week, my boyfriend got some too just in case we passed it back and forth.

The past couple weeks I have been noticing a discharge kind of like a yeast infection, but i don't have itching, pain during sex or anything. I took a dose of Monistat just in case riight when i started noticing the discharge. But it didn't really go away. I'm just worried because I don't want to put him through that again. Pretty gross.

Is it normal for yeast infections to come back so quickly? Could this be something else?

Any ideas/advice?


No it could mean that you have a std or you have a allergic reaction to maybe condoms or something watch out just drink franberry juicevdot use scented soap an rinsevthe vagina with only cool water