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Okay so I'm 13 and a virgin. I'm really scared that I have a yeast infection because I've been having white kinda thick stuff appear down there. That's the only thing that happens. I don't know how this happens or if I have a yeast infection. I don't really want to talk to my mom about it because it's embarrassing 


So many young girls who don't know much posting, at your age i never wondered about this stuff, well white discharge is generally normal, not all females get that but some do more than others and it happens during a certain hormone phase of the month, ether before ovulation, during or after, i can't remember you will have to look it up, bit it's normal. With a yeast infection you get itchy, burny wee, may feel burny inside or achy during masturbation, you may get a sort of greenish mucus and smells more, if you have non of that then your fine :).