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Uhm, im 14. & I think i may have a yeast infection. It started kinda a few days ago but im not sure... I was at a party on Saturday night & i drunk about 5 beers and smoked some pot. Please dont judge me. But this morning when i woke on i was very itchy! I started to itch at it & i sat in a bath with hot water for about 10 mins. It was swollen! I dont know how to tell my mom.. Someone help me! & i think i might have a cyst i popped it. & i dont think that was the best thing but yeah. I need help! 


Exactly sounds like a yeast infection. Yeast infection is caused by a fungus called "Candida albicans" which is normally found in small amounts in the vigina. This infection is often found on people with weakened immune system, in most cases it is not the sex activities which bring women yeast infections.

Women with yeast infection may develop symptoms including:

Pain/itch/burning at vulva area

Pain/itch/burning in vagina

Pain during intercourse and/or urination

Cottage cheese like vaginal discharge


 Yeast infection is not something serious in most cases, but lots of women are bothered by recurrent infection and can't find their way out. Do not hesitate to mention this to your mom, yeast infection is quite common at your age.You should see a doctor and get prescriptions to avoid a worse condition. There's a herbal medicine named . Pill also works well, you can google it and have a look. Hope you can get rid of your ailment soon



was this cist like bump on the outside of the pelvic area or the inside of the vaginal area? If you drank beer then you should know that beer increases horomones in females. I had a friend who was reccommended beer to balance off some abnormalities down there. It increases your saratonin levels and estrogen one of which starts in the brain and can cause discharges that are harmless if cleaned properly in time and Estrogen which is formed in the ovaries. If you went to sleep that night with your panties wet you could have offset the balance. It might be a yeast infection or another VB Vaginal bacteria. There are alot of them. If you had Sex recently it could also effect it as well. If you had an active night and that area was overly moist it could have caused you to get sweat or moisture in the poors ontop of your pelvic area which can be painful and scary if you don't know what they are. but they are usually just ingrown hairs and pimples. Popping them isn't good as they can get infected if your not at a Dr. office where they can clean it properly and give you some anti biotics. there are drugs at the pharmacy that are over the counter that can help with that sort of thing. old remedies like cranberry, sage, and Non Sugar Yogarts, and Accidophillis pills to help balance you if you don't drink alot of water and natural fruits. I'd talk to your mom and tell her your symptoms only first. because if you didn't have sex more than likely its just a yeast infection. which you can get rid of by putting one of those things" Yogart, cranberry, Sage," on a pad. which carry pro bacterias that help fight off the bad stuff. You can also eat these things and they will help just not as fast. But Drinking Cranberry juice when you near your Period can help alot as well because of the simple fact that during your cycle your PH level goes up and Cranberry juice Lowers it.