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i had no sex, no douching, but yet i ALWAYS smell fishy. i actually get bullied because of this. anyways. . . i do leak pee EVERYDAY. i was my clothes, i change my Panty's... so why do i stink. I heard of something called "Bv" or "bacterial vaginoisis" i just want it to stop... what do i do?!!?!?


There is a myth that some how womens vagina's shouldn't smell but that only comes from men... when infect there WILL be smells since it gets so sweaty down there and we have all our parts tucked away inside our warm bodies, anyone that bullies you are just being mean and know that it's impossible for a vagina to not have some kind of odor... i used  to get made fun of all the time because apparently i used to stink, everyone was like "You need a shower, go buy shower gel", girls only say it because of the boys around... it just riles me a lot of girls give into what men want them to believe just to get them to find them attractive... it's like women aren't supposed to fart, smell, our periods shouldn't smell, we shouldn't sweat... heck... might as well just say we shouldn't breath at this rate... lol, but any guy who puts this in other girls heads are jerks and you should just ignore them, smells are bound to happen especially during periods i mean the blood stinks, it's always sweaty for me down there and during my period it smells rotten, it's all normal. However you could definitely have an infection because of how bad it apparently smells, but most likely people are just over exaggerating it a bit... plus you shouldn't leak pee, to me it sounds like a wee infection, when i was little i used  to get a lot of wee infections and no matter what i did i peed myself and couldn't stop it, just totally wet myself, you should get tested for infections especially a yeast infection, but pay no mind to all those people saying stuff, just you remember it's impossible to not have any odors at all down below.