I am TTC, I was on yasmin bcp for like a month, before that i was on ortho tri cyclen since 2006, anyway my last period was on 23 July 08 and i stopped taking yasmin on 28 july 08. the last time me and my husband had sex was on 7 aug 08. I haven't had a period so far this month, let alone haven't had any withdrawal bleeding after stopping the pill. I took a pregnancy test on the 16th of aug, but of course it was negative, i feel that i tested too soon. the only symptoms i have experienced so far is very sore nipples and swollen breasts last week, but now only my breasts are swollen. Also last week I experienced some extreme pain (not menestraul cramps)/bloating and pressure in my lower abdomen. I know that I plan on going to the doctor at the end of the month if i don't get my cycle. could it be early signs of pregnancy?