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Recently I lost my virginity, I was having very hard erections but when I was inside my girlfriend I couldn't ejaculate and she was thinking it was because I wasn't attracted to her so I started feeling a little bit pressured. So what I did was, I said i wouldn't masturbate until I ejaculated while having sex with her and after a week it worked and I was able to orgasm whilst having sex, but then a few days later when we was going to have sex i couldn't get hard, we tried later that day and I was able to get an erection. Yesterday when we tried having sex I wasn't able to get an erection again and now I'm worried i won't get 1 when she stays over tomorrow. Any help would be great, thanks. Don't know if this might be relevant but about 3 weeks ago i took a Viagra as a joke.


Erectile dysfunction cause not only poor sexual life but also causes many problems in the life style. There are many options to treat erectile dysfunction. They were

1) Injections

2) Pills

3) Vacuum devices

               One of the easiest way for strong erection is to take pills. There are many available but I personally recommend Virectin, because these are safer to use and also improves overall health.