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Sustanon is a combination drug that contains 4 types of testosterone esters which are derivatives of the testosterone hormone that is normally present in males.


This injectable drug is composed of esters such as testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate, and testosterone decanoate in varying dosages. Sustanon is generally advised to treat testosterone hormone deficiency in men.

Effects on the Body

Sustanon effectively replaces the diminished testosterone levels in the body and improves the conditions that are related to decreased testosterone levels in the body.

Being an androgen, sustanon has various anabolic (constructive) changes in the body. It is known to promote muscle formation and decreases wasting of muscles. The amount of fat in the body is also reduced to a certain extent. Other effects include increased production of the red blood cells, improved body endurance, improves contraction of the muscles, and promotes glycogen (a readily convertible form of glucose to satisfy the energy needs of the body) synthesis.

Sustanon has to be used with caution in individuals suffering from disorders of the kidneys, liver, and heart. Adequate precautions have also been advised in cases of individuals with epilepsy, diabetes, cancers and blood disorders.

Medical Use

The testosterone hormone is generally produced in the testicles of men. This hormone is a steroid hormone that belongs to the androgen group and is essential for the normal growth and development of male reproductive organs and also for the development of male sexual characteristics. Additionally it also has certain positive effects on various cells and tissues of the skin, muscles, bones, kidney, liver and the central nervous system. A decrease in the testosterone levels can have a multitude of effects such as impotency, decreased libido, reduced sperm production, tiredness, and altered mental and physical activity.

Sustanon is generally advised as a hormone replacement therapy for men who are suffering from deficiency of testosterone either due to some underlying causes or owing to age related changes. Administration of testosterone injections such as sustanon is advised in men who have low testosterone levels, suffer from male menopause-like symptoms such as decreased libido and who are prone to develop osteoporosis (disorder of the bone characterised by increasing bone destruction) due to low testosterone levels in the body. These injections are advised to be administered once every week or in some cases once in two weeks.

Doses of Sustanon

The dosage and frequency of use of sustanon injection is decided by the physician based on the severity of hormone deficiency in men.

What is Depot Injection?

Sustanon is injected as depot injection which means that the drug gets collected as a reservoir within the muscles and is gradually released over time into the circulation.


Sustanon use is contraindicated in men with cancer of the breast tissues and prostate gland; who are suffering from kidney failure and those who have high levels of calcium in their blood.

Abuse among Bodybuilders

Sustanon is widely abused by bodybuilders and other individuals practising different kinds of sports. This drug is used commonly among bodybuilders as it is believed to improve strength and increase the muscle mass. Sustanon is used in varying dosages by bodybuilders who commonly tend to take very high doses. The sustanon steroid is commonly used at the dosages of 250-1000mg per week which is way above the normally recommended dosages. Abuse of sustanon at very high dosages can alter the normal functioning of the body resulting in numerous side-effects.

Side Effects

Abuse of sustanon is associated with a number of effects in the body. The increased levels of testosterone in the body cause harm to the body rather than resulting in benefits. Individuals who consume very high doses of sustanon for prolonged periods are at an increased risk of developing these adverse effects.

Effects on Liver

Sustanon abuse is potentially harmful to the liver that may lead to life threatening situations in some cases. The action of insulin which normally keeps the blood glucose level in check is also affected. Furthermore it affects the lipid metabolism in the liver which leads to alteration in the levels of various types of fats in the body that in turn may have deleterious effects on the functioning of the heart. Sustanon abuse can also result in formation of tumours in the liver. Jaundice is also a common finding in testosterone abusers which may not be evident in most of the cases.

Effects on Blood

Sustanon has blood cell forming effect which may be beneficial for those suffering from deficiency of red blood cells. However increased production of red blood cells can be harmful in normal healthy individuals. Sustanon has also been known to alter the blood pressure where in it results in increase in the blood pressure levels. This in turn can have various consequences such as weakening of the blood vessels, increased load on the heart and numerous other effects.

Effects on Genital System

Increased amount of testosterone can result in decreased sexual desire, reduction in the sperm count and decreased amount of semen. Furthermore it can affect the functioning of the prostate gland leading to a condition known as prostate hypertrophy.

General Effects

Prolonged use of sustanon leads to abnormal enlargement of breast tissues in men (a condition referred to as gynaecomastia). Women who abuse this drug tend to notice several symptoms of ‘maleness’ such as deepening of voice, increased body hair, and selective baldness (male pattern baldness).

Testosterone abuse is also associated with increased retention of salt and water in the body which leads to swelling in the hands and legs. Various other features such as depression, weight gain, acne, nervousness, headache and hair loss is also observed with testosterone abuse.

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Effects in Children

Sustanon abuse in children can have mainly two adverse effects, one, on the sexual development and second, on the height. Increased amount of testosterone levels results in early initiation of sexual development. The level of sexual development in such cases is usually inadequate. Elevated testosterone levels cause early closure of the ends of the bones that leads to restricted height in children.