I have been on Depo for 8 years. (26-34 years).  My old GP suggested it. It was convenient for me and it only took about 6 months for my period to settle down and disappear.  I have been on it long term as i already had 4 children, and did not want anymore, so the worry of decreasing fertility wasn't an issue. It controlled alot of the period pain i had also since i was around 15. After my 4th child my period were heavy and last weeks.

Major downfall is the struggle to lose weight. I have gained around 20kgs since being on it.  Although i am eating healthy, have cut out all sugar, playing netball, and doing classes 3x per week, i can not shift the weight.

Recently i have had a few cervical issues.  My Gyno suggested i get off Depo and either go on to the pill again or get a Murina.  I have heard too many horror stories about Murina's and wasn't sure i wanted to get one.  Each to their own though, but i felt that the Pill was better for me.

I am 2 weeks past the last Depo injection being due.  Have been back on the pill for 3 weeks, as per my doctors advice.  The first week was a nightmare!  Constant nausea everytime i ate, headaches everyday, chronic fatigue and moodiness and depression. If i didn't know better, i would have thought i was preganat - except i never ever get morning sickness with my pregnancies.

That has eased a bit over the last week or so, all bar slight headaches.  But now, for the last 5 days i have a eczema type rash on me (prone to small patches of eczema on hands on the odd occassion) and my boobs nipples are as itchy as hell!  I keep getting up in the middle of the night to have showers to ease the itch as nothing relieves it of a night time.

I won't ever go back on to Depo after the withdrawals - but funny how we are never told about the consequences of withdrawing off the shot.  I even said to my partner that i could understand pill addiction now - because when the nausea was at it's worst and the headaches and migraines were thumping and nothing was relieving them, i would have done ANYTHING to have it stop!

Please tell me i am not going crazy and that someone else has experienced these same symptoms???