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size=18]My boy friend and i were messing around when he decided to masterbate on my theigh below my butt cheek (i didnt have underwear on), what is the chance of having a floating sperm land in my vagina and result to pregnancy :/ it was definitly precum , it was clear and looked like lube. please help me out are the chances slim i cleaned my leg with alcohol right after ! and another thing during sex if the condom slips off the end of his penis near his testies but doesnt cum theres no chance of pregnancy right? Can you get pregnant from precum?


Your chances of becoming pregnant are very, very low.

First of all, according to, and numerous medical journals, unless there was a previous ejaculation and sperm is left-over in the urethra, precum contains NO sperm. Also, urination after ejaculation can "cleanse" the urethra of left-over sperm due to the fact that urine is so acidic. Basically, if your boyfriend urinated before producing more precum, then there wouldn't be any sperm involved.

The only way to become pregnant is if sperm gets into the vagina and up into the uterus. However, it is slightly possible to become pregnant if sperm gets on the vulva (outside of our vagina) it can sometimes travel inside. That's very unlikely though. Sperm need ideal temperatures and conditions to survive. On average, sperm can only survive OUTSIDE of the body for a few hours. Especially because you wiped yourself with alcohol afterward, there's pretty much no chance any sperm that could've been contained in the precum survived.

Also, as for condoms, as long as all of the ejaculatory fluids (semen/sperm/precum) are still contained, and none seeps out, you're fine as far as pregnancy.

I'm definently not promoting risky behavior or not using protection, but it is harder to get pregnant than people think. Always use protection and make smart decisions when it comes to your sexual health. :-)