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The Male G-Spot

There has been talk about men having a sexual hot spot or G-spot, much like women are said to have. The alleged male G-spot owes its existence to the prostate. The prostate is a gland that can be found just below the bladder. This gland is responsible for both urination and ejaculation. What does the prostate have to do with sexual pleasure? Here's how it all works:

When a man is getting ready to climax, his PC muscles (the ones that stop the flow of urine) squeeze the prostate. How does that produce pleasure? The prostate is a nerve-rich organ that is extremely sensitive. So, stimulating the prostate has been known to send a man into orgasm heaven. The easiest way to reach this special place is through the perineum. This is a hairless patch of skin located at the base of the scrotum. It has been nicknamed the "taint" because "t'aint the scrotum and t'aint the anus." When the perineum is massaged the prostate is indirectly stimulated.

How can a man and/or his partner take advantage of this G-spot? When he is getting close to orgasm the perineum can be pressed and pumped firmly. This extra sensation can and may send a man over the edge. Of course, creativity in stimulating the G-spot will only make it work more effectively. Happy hunting!

Hear from men who have found their G-spot


Ok I found this one on a trip around the site, so I hope you are still reading these.
I have found this area, some time ago, about 25 years ago, and include it in some of my help writing on here.
As I push on the area, I will feel the pumping and it helps with a more pleasurable release, and my girl friend has licked this area,and it sends you flying real quickly, so I wish for any one to find their spot themselfs and pass it on to their partners so pleasure is knowen by all.


Yup, the prostate is believed to be or incorporate the male g-spot, and it's certainly clear that prostate massage, during masturbation or sex with a partner, can either give you an orgasm all on its own or can intensify your orgasm combined with oral sex or a hand job. (Intercourse is going to be hard to accomplish if your partner is stimulating your prostate ;).)

If stimulating the prostate doesn't do anything for you on its own, try with penile stimulation at the same time and see whether that impacts the intensity of your orgasm. One more thing is that it definitely feels better when a partner is doing it.