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A few years ago, one night I was masturbating and on aproximing climax, a severe burning pain striked on the tip of my penis. I remember the days after, my urethra opening was red, swollen (the skin looks like lips) with urge to urinate (and no urine came out) and also a small burning feelling when peeing that I continue to feel today. The fake urge to urinate passed with time but the redness and swollen is still there. I was virgin back with no sexual activity besides masturbation, so I think it's not STD. I then went to my family doctor and he saw my penis and said that it was caused by friction and it was nothing to worry about, prescribing me Nupercainal cream. The cream helped with the redness and swollen when I used it for 30 days but after I stopped using it, it return to the previous state. I went to another doctor who prescribed Hidalone Hidrocortisone and Sertopic antifungal cream. But it did not help. I feel no pain in ejaculation, never had blood on urine/semen or discharge. Sex is normal, no pain associated. However there is some skin that looks like it is coming off from my urethra to the shaft. I dont know what it is. I am now preventing myself from masturbation or sex to see if it makes a difference. Here are some pics that can help you out to see what's wrong... This are two weeks without masturbation/sex and applying nupercanial cream. 

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Hello...i have the same problem with the red tissue (red lips) in the penis opening....i had this entire life...i was circumcized 3 years ago and from that time i dont have pain or healthy and all but i still got RED swollen tissue in the penis opening that changes colors all the time from light red to dark red...its rly annoying...anyone know how to remove it and did u have any results ?thanks