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It's not just Thanksgiving. Just about every holiday centers around friends and family gathering to eat. And it's never healthy foods. But these tips should help you at least stay on track while still enjoying the holidays.

Thanksgiving is a great time of year. Friends and family get together and enjoy the holiday season with food, food and more food. But if you’re trying to lose weight and stick to a diet then the thought of being surrounded by roast turkey and rich calorie-filled meals can make sticking to your plan so much harder.

We’ve all felt like giving up a diet when winter rolls round and the weather gets colder. We tend to stay inside more to avoid the cold weather. We bundle up with blankets and hot chocolate and watch movies. But Thanksgiving makes it even more difficult to stick to your goals because of the wide spread of foods that are delicious but extremely high in fat and carbs.

At the start of a new year it seems easy to begin a diet and even easier to stick to it through the summer when the weather is good and salads are everywhere. But as you creep towards the end of the year and the winter comes along, so does events like Thanksgiving.

Whether it is the butter basted turkey, bacon wrapped sausages or pie with heaps of cream and ice cream, it seems every Thanksgiving meal is packed full of fatty (and incredibly tasty!) food. A Thanksgiving meal can seem like a marathon of eating and drinking and if you are visiting friends and family it can feel impolite to turn down food or only eat small portions.

While you can avoid the food, there is also different ways of cooking that can help you cut the calories. Try to avoid using butter on your turkey and baste it in extra virgin olive oil instead. If you’re able to convince the rest of your guests, get a low calorie dessert and serve it with crème fraiche or low fat yogurt instead of heavy cream and ice cream.

As everyone around you seems to be cooking huge dinners and the supermarkets are full of tempting treats and chocolate it is all too easy to give in. The television is full of adverts for huge home cooked meals and there seem to be deals everywhere for junk food. Presents are also a source of bad, non diet friendly food. Before the day make it clear to friends and family you don’t want chocolates or food-based treats and you won’t feel like you have to eat them.

Sticking to your diet at Thanksgiving means you’ll also be prepared for everything Christmas throws at you. If you can make it through a holiday based around eating and drinking you will be able to resist any temptations that come your way!

Here I’ve put together some great tips to help you keep on the diet all the way through Thanksgiving that also easily apply to Christmas or anything other holiday that involves massive feasts of delicious foods.

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