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Addiction recovery can be much easier nowadays thanks to a wide range of mobile apps that provide ongoing support, resources, and tools to all people who are recovering from various addictions, such as drugs, alcoholism, smoking, etc.

Millions of people In the United States struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. It is estimated that more than 20 million Americans met the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder in 2015, and 1 in 12 Americans was in need of substance abuse treatment. However, many people don't seek care due to many factors, mostly financial ones.
Technology once again offers a solution by providing 24/7 access to addiction treatment and recovery resources and support that people who are recovering from addictions can carry around in their pocket and use to complement their current recovery plan.
There are many mobile recovery apps around that are tailored to one or more particular addiction, including alcoholism, drug addiction, nicotine, behavioral addictions, and more.
Here, we listed some of the most useful mobile apps for addiction recovery.

Sober Grid App

Recovering from an addiction and staying sober is easier if you're not alone. Sober Grid app is designed as a social network that connects sober people nearby and around the world.
People who are on their path to sobriety can use the app to chat with other users, share photos and videos, or use sobriety calculator to keep track of how many sober days they've achieved.
The most important thing is that Sober Grid app allows users to share whatever they want or remain completely anonymous.
The app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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recoveryBox Addiction Recovery App

recoveryBox app is a sobriety toolbox that allows users to track their daily life activities by breaking them down into so-called 'lights.'
These lights are obviously inspired by traffic lights and indicate the activities that users should or should not do, i.e. Green light indicates allowed activities, Yellow light is there for warnings, and Red light suggests acting out.
Users enter these daily lights on their own and they can be customized, including adding sponsor, counselor or group sessions to track.
Besides the 'lights', recoveryBox app is rich with other features as well that make tracking and achieving recovery and sobriety goals much easier.
The app is available only on iOS for $1.99.

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SoberTool App

It's easy to quit, but hard to stay quit. That's the motto behind SoberTool, the app based on proven techniques to help former addicts stay clean and sober.
The main feature of this app is its Sobriety Counter that doesn't just calculate days clean and sober, but also money saved.
The apps also include rewarding system for users, daily motivational tips, notifications, a process to avoid relapsing, and a community forum where users can get support from others.
SoberTool app can also be used by treatment centers, addiction counselors, psychiatrists, and sponsors who need a resource on-the-go.
The app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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Sober Time App

Sober Time is another useful multifunctional app designed for people who are on the journey of recovery and sobriety. It helps them track how long they have been sober and quit addictions like alcoholism, smoking, or substance and drug abuse.
It doesn't require registering an account, which is perfect for all users who want to stay anonymous. It is loaded with a lot of useful features that can be accessed easily thanks to the straightforward and easy-to-use interface.
However, it has one huge drawback that makes the user experience frustrating - intrusive ads that pop up every 30-45 seconds, covering the whole screen for five seconds, preventing users from using the app or shutting the ad down.
This can be avoided by purchasing the ad-free version of the app for $3.99 (it's free to download and use with ads), but that's a bit too pricey.
Sober Time app is available on Android and iOS devices.

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Quit That! App

Quit That! app is a simple recovery tracker that help people who want to quit their addiction, focusing on the less severe ones, such as smoking, drinking soda, sugar, etc.
However, it can be useful for serious addictions as well, primarily thanks to the modern and easy-to-use interface that lets users track as many things as they want.
The users can keep their progress private or share it with others. The app supports Apple Watch (it's available only on iOS), which makes its use even more convenient.
Quit That! app is available for free, however, it accepts the donations from its users ($0.99 to$4.99) that keep the app running.

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nomo App

nomo app is a free sobriety tracker that uses the somewhat unique concept of 'sobriety clocks' that users can create (as many as they want) and share with their accountability partners in the app.
Users earn chips for reaching certain milestones and can share their success and progress with a community.
The app is perfect for anyone recovering from various addictions, from those less severe to alcoholism and drug dependency.

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Meeting Guide App

Meeting Guide app is designed for recovering alcoholics helping them find AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings across the United States, as well as Canada and Europe.
So, it's not sobriety tracker or counter, but rather locator app that could be useful to all people recovering from alcoholism who want to meet the others with the same problem and seek help and support.
Users can choose from many locations, but also have the ability to contact the app developers and ask to add their location (if it's not available).
The app is free to use on Android and iOS.

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Addicaid App

Addicaid app is another app that helps people on a recovery journey stay sober and clean. Unlike Meeting Guide app, Addicaid doesn't only focus on alcoholics, but also provides support to other addictions, such as narcotics, gambling, smoking, eating, and more through 12-step and alternative support groups.
The app enables users to locate the nearest meetings and put them on their calendar. It also provides other useful features, such as spending calculator, journal, relapse prevention tips, and more.
Addicaid is available for free on iOS and Android.

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IMQuit App

IMQuit app is designed to address multiple addictions helping people who are recovering to record their quit process, milestones, and goals.
The app uses machine learning algorithms that analyze users' history data and behavior patterns in order to predict the current likelihood of possible relapse and warn users before it happens.
iOS should look for the alternatives elsewhere because the IMQuit app is available only on Android.

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