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This article explores some of the popular alternative apps out there to use instead of Epocrates. The apps presented are much cheaper and contain a lot of the same features that are popular in Epocrates and other similar apps like UpToDate.

There is a great equalizer in Medicine and no matter how good a physician is at making the appropriate diagnosis for a patient, determining the right medications to treat them, and educating them to make sure they are compliant with the therapy, every patient responds differently to therapy.  

This can be a frustrating pill to swallow as a physician and is a reason why Medicine is an art as well as a science.  Physicians must tweak their regimens and make their adjustments in each situation in order to maximize therapy and this can be difficult if a young physician lacks the experience of an older practitioner.  

A valuable application that has circulated around the medical community has been Epocrates that helps makes this management easier.

Nearly 1 in every 2 physicians utilizes this application and it has become commonplace in hospital wards across North America and Europe.  You don’t have to be a master in statistics to figure out that that means 50% of physicians are not currently using this application.  Instead, a large portion of this demography chooses to use alternative applications that have the same benefits of Epocrates but are much more affordable if the hospital is not the one picking up the tab.  Here are the top 3 alternative apps to consider instead of using Epocrates.  

Number 1:  LexiComp

This application also made the list in the “Top 3 Family Medicine Apps for Android and iPhones,”  and is a very desirable app to own if you find the price tag for Epocrates to be too excessive.  LexiComp is similar to Epocrates and UpToDate but at a fraction of the cost.  It is also attractive because of the diversity of memberships a user is able to select from so he only needs to pay for the material that he is interested in.  On Epocrates and UpToDate, you have access to encyclopedias of information yet if you are an Internist, you may not necessarily care what type of sutures are used to close thoracic cavities during an operation.  With LexiComp, you can tailor your membership to have as little or as much information as needed to competently complete your daily rounds.

If you choose LexiComp over Epocrates,you will still have access to an impressive array of medical facts, resources, and recommendations that are found in the more popular UpToDate or Epocrates.  The material may not be as current as  UpToDate would be but LexiComp provides a great platform for medications and dosages that UpToDate occasionally lacks when dealing with Pediatric or Nephrologic patients.  

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