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7 Sizzling Summer Hairstyles
By Beauty Care

It's starting to get warmer! Here at Steady Health's beauty department, we're very excited - it means that we can start experimenting with some of this season's hottest hairstyles. Take a scroll through the slideshow to get the low-down on the most fashionable 'dos of the year & how to get the look.

10 Best Pills For Your Weight Loss Journey
By Weight Loss

Wouldn't it be nice if we could eat all we want and just pop a pill to lose weight? Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple, but there are some products that at least make weight loss easier. Here are the top 10 bestsellers in the USA, with comments on how to use them for maximum benefit.

10 Best Snack Foods
By Nutrition & Dieting

Sometimes you need something quick to eat on the go. If yo haven't had time for a proper meal or you've just left the gym and need to refuel, the urge to snack can be overwhelming. And snacking isn't necessarily a bad thing. Carry some of these healthy snacks with you to avoid diet pitfalls!

10 Tricks For Thicker Hair
By Beauty Care

If you're lumbered with fine, wispy hair, it can be really difficult to get it into any kind of style. Cheat your way to thick, glossy locks and make your hair much more manageable by following our top 10 tricks for thicker hair.