My husband and I had sex October 16, and I was supposed to start my period the 17th. I was already feeling like I wasn't going to start my period on time because I wasnt having my normal symtoms that I usually have. I took a pregnancy test a couple days before my period and it was negative. Throughout that week then I had very very mild off and on cramping but no blood. Six days after the day I should have started my period, I started having cramping more painful, then I started spotting that evening. I took a pregnancy test that evening and it was negative. I had cramps throughout the night and still have them today which is now a week from the day that I should have started. I took a pregnancy test this morning right when I got up and it was negative. Now I have more than spotting, but still not the normal flow that I usually have. I also have been getting off and on nauseous, but not horrible. I am still wondering if I am pregnant?